Session 5

21-27 Erastus, 4715 AR

Valin Brumbagh organizes a group of adventurers to lead them on a journey to reclaim the Rookwarden, a dwarven fortress abandoned long ago in Loric Fells, now inhabited by fearsome trolls. Rumors of secret tunnels beneath the Rookwarden leaked, luring a mercenary group called The Harvesters into its dark and forgotten recesses, and ultimately their doom. Ten months passed since they left Gralton on their journey to the Rookwarden, and now Valin’s group has set out to do what previous heroes could not.

Encountering deadly traps and mad gremlins, the group is able to defeat a number of the fey, including what appears to be their chieftain before exiting into the hills to make camp for the night. A good start, to say the least!

  • Party Xp Gained: 1
    • Good Roleplaying

Session 5

Blood in the River Zeram