Session 4

21 Rova, 4714 AR

The Harvesters continued their exploration of the tunnels, and found the exit to the tunnels, leading to the bottom of an old well in the inner courtyard of the Rookwarden’s keep. Not wanting to face the Trolls just yet, they descend back into the tunnels to explore the sections they missed.

In the eastern portion of the tunnels, they find more Gremlins. This time they were Jinkins, a sadistic kind of Gremlins known to be fiercely hated by all Dwarves. Seemingly in league with at least one Darkmantle, these creatures proved to be troublesome before the party settled down in a secluded room to rest. During the second watch, Robin, Banahoff and Fedrovir were all murdered in their sleep by stealthy Jinkins, while Keltarkos and Andorra were on watch but oblivious to the slayings taking place. Robin the Black and Hex, pierced through their eyes. Fedrovir Gustovin, pierced through the heart. Banahogg Foehammer, his throat slit. When they tried to wake the members of the next shift, they realized their comrades would never wake again.

After their realization, the surviving members tried to flee but were pursued by the Jinkins. Keltarkos the Numerian, rushing and not remembering where he was going, fled down the wrong corridor and met his end on the business end of a spike at the bottom of a pit trap. As the only one left, the sadistic Jinkins surrounded Andorra and cursed her, then left her to her misery to try and escape alone as a cruel joke. After realizing that she had contracted filth fever from a rat bite the day before and was now developing the fever, and with a corridor of traps and a 5 day journey through troll territory back to civilization, Andorra the Indomitable gave up on life and committed suicide down in the dark of the tunnels.

Only Zebulon Cole, Cookie Monster, and Cwenfurth Ankledeep remain, and they have gone deep into hiding for personal reasons.

As of 21 Rova, 4714 AR, all members of The Harvesters were either slain or have gone Missing in Action.

End Dossier Log Entry.

  • Party Xp Gained: 0
    • New Party will start at Level 3

Session 4

Blood in the River Zeram