Session 3

20-21 Rova, 4714 AR

Heading back to the entrance to the tunnels, The Harvesters run into a tough looking dwarf who delivers missives to Zebulon Cole and Cwenfurth Ankledeep, and presents a letter of introduction from Keltarkos the Numerian’ contact, Rommi. The dwarf is the battle cleric Banahogg Foehammer, and with the abrupt departure of Zebulon and Cwenfurth due to an increase of personal ‘heat’ on them, forcing them to lay low for the time being, Banahogg is accepted into the group.

Down in the tunnels, the Harvesters find a network of finely crafted tunnels that Clan Axehaft left behind. Unfortunately, they also left behind a multitude of traps, which they try to navigate with moderate success. They do, however, find a number of treasures within the tunnels that were left behind, although they soon realize that these tunnels are far from uninhabited. Whilst on a bridge crossing a deep chasm that leads into volcanic tunnels below, the Harvesters are waylaid by a band of Pugwampis, tiny vile gremlins who exude unluck from their very being.

After a narrow escape from a plummet to sure doom, the group holes up in a secret chamber to rest and awaken to find that the bridge they had tried to cross, which had been damaged, has been fully repaired overnight. What’s more is that all of the traps seem to have reset on their own, and may have even changed completely. What other kinds of wonders and trouble do these strange tunnels hold?

  • Party Xp Gained: 2
    • Good Roleplaying
    • Ingenuity Award

Session 3

Blood in the River Zeram