Session 2

12-20 Rova, 4714 AR

The day began with the hunt for Speartooth, the fearsome saber tooth tiger that had killed 24 men that stalks the foothills North of Gralton. Using her tracking skills, Andorra the Indomitable found the beast’s lair, but The Harvesters were set upon by Speartooth and outmatched by sheer force. By using magic, they were able to retrieve the dying barbarian and confuse the fearsome beast long enough to escape with their lives intact.

After recovering, the group decided to take on a smaller project, and rode for Artume to sign up for a cattle driving job. There they met Mr. Palance, head cattle-hand who set them up for the ride to Gralton with a herd of Aurochs. The drive was wrought with peril, as they were set upon by terrorizing clawbats and had to hunker down in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm that killed some of the ranch hands and put a jolt through a few of The Harvesters. At the end of the day, all of the Aurochs made it safely to Gralton and the party was paid their fee.

It was soon after that Keltarkos the Numerian received word from his contact about the location of secret tunnels in Loric Fells that were rumored to lead into the Rookwarden. These tunnels were created by Clan Axehaft and the trolls who live in the Rookwarden apparently don’t know they exist. Taking a chance that they could get the drop on these trolls, The Harvesters head north to the wilds of Loric Fells. Before entering the tunnels, they try their luck and get the jump on three trolls, each time putting them to sleep via Robin the Black’s Slumber Hex, which left them ripe for the Harvester’s Scythe by Keltarkos the Numerian’s hand.

  • Party Xp Gained: 2
    • Good Roleplaying
    • Party Objective Achieved