Session 1

10-12 Rova, 4714 AR

We open in the city of Gralton, where the adventuring group known as The Harvesters is canvasing the city looking for profitable work. Blackstone Inn & Tavern is the popular adventurers’ tavern in town with a reputable Job Board and a steady stream of Rumors. After looking through some of the jobs available, The Harvesters snap a few promising leads and head off into the streets to make contact.

Jennavieve Kensen has made it known that she will pay for a particular stallion rumored to run in a herd of wild horses around the plains west of Gralton. Things almost got out of hand during their meet with the prissy debutante, as Andorra the Indomitable became nearly enraged at Jenavieve’s insults towards her hygiene. If not for Keltarkos the Numerian and Zebulon Cole’s diplomatic intervention, things would have gotten much more expensive than the five gold pieces to repair Jennavieve’s damaged wall.

Intent on investigating Jennavieve’s claim of a talking horse on the plains, the Harvesters create a plan to tackle several jobs at once. A saber-tooth cat known as Speartooth stalks the hills in the region this stallion is said to roam, and a reward is bound for any who turn in its 22-inch fangs to a local town. A job as guards on a cattle-drive from Artume to Gralton also looks promising.

During the journey towards the hills where Speartooth lurks, the Harvesters are attacked in the night by a small group of bandits, who fail to get the jump on Robin the Black. They are defeated easily, all slain but for a lone female. As there is a standing bounty on bandits int he area by turning in their ears, the Harvesters collect their trophies from all but the girl, who swears to never return to her camp and tell them where her former hideout is if they let her go – with her ears. They agree, and get the location of an underground complex not far from their camp. A detour may be in order…

  • Party Xp Gained: 1
    • Good Roleplaying

Session 1

Blood in the River Zeram