Blood in the River

Chapter 1 Table of Contents
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1.1: The Harvesters
The adventure begins! In the wild frontier of the River Kingdoms, a band of mercenaries seek fortune and fame together. What kind of hardships lay ahead? What undiscovered treasures lie ripe for the taking? If there is danger, The Harvesters are surely neck deep in it!
1.2: City Slickers
There’s nothing like cattle driving into the heart of a thunderstorm! The Harvesters are on the road trying to make a buck, and run into some hardships along the way.
1.3: Holy Traps!!
Into a twisting labyrinth of secret Dwarven tunnels beneath the Rookwarden, our protagonists find a plethora of interesting and fun traps to keep them occupied while they find a way into the troll-infested fortress. Their luck turns when they discover a gremlin infestation to boot.
1.4: They All Fall Down
The exit to the tunnels is finally found, but The Harvesters return to investigate the largely unexplored eastern section of the tunnels. It proves to be their doom.
1.5: New Adventurers Arise!
A new group of heroes forms, with a clear objective in sight: reclaim the Rookwarden!
1.6: Into the Rookwarden
Back into the tunnels, where vicious traps and mischievous fey lurk. After navigating these dangers, The Wardens climb up into the Rookwarden to face the troll menace that has taken root in the Dwarven ruins. The stakes are high as these adventurers strive to claim this keep as their own.

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