The Stag Lord

Lord of Stagholme


A mountain of a man, his body covered in scars, some from battle but mostly from chemical burns. he wears furs and leather armor, but his most striking feature is the fearsome helm he wears, crafted from bone that is somehow stronger than iron to resemble the skull of a mighty stag, with the fangs of a smilodon. He carries an array of weapons, but his composite longbow is his killing instrument of choice.


The Stag Lord never had a name, for his father only called him “boy,” and then only when the old man demanded some sort of backbreaking chore or was looking for something to beat on. He never knew his mother and never knew a proper home—his father, being a roving and misanthropic druid, stayed on the road at all times, never sleeping in the same town more than 3 days in a row and usually camping out under the stars. Food was often scarce, especially as his father would only share after he’d eaten his fill, so the boy learned to hunt and steal. His father bruised and cut him, and so the boy learned to tend his own wounds. His father left him for death so many times, he came not to fear it. Eventually, the druid’s misanthropic ways forced him to abandon civilization or face persecution. And so he headed north into the Stolen Lands, bringing the boy with him. Times grew tougher for the boy, until the night when he had his Dream. In the Dream, a blindingly beautiful woman came to him and told him he was no longer a boy but a man, and she lay with him to prove her claim. After, she asked him why, if he was a man, he still deferred to his father’s brutality. She gave him a lock of her hair, and told him that the next time his father tried to beat him, he should fight back. When he woke, he assumed his Dream was nothing more, but then he saw that he still clutched the lock of hair his nocturnal visitor had gifted him. So when his father, drunk and angry, came at him that afternoon, the boy fought back and beat his father to within an inch of death. Then, with the only lessons he had been given—anger, spite, rage, vengeance, and greed—he became the leader. Yet for all his father’s cruelty, he never let the boy (now a man) die. And so the man kept his broken father with him, caring for him when he had the time, railing upon him when he had the urge, and generally keeping him just this side of death. Eventually, the man noticed that other bandits deferred to him when they met on the road, and so he sought others he could easily intimidate, weak-willed things that seemed drawn to his dominance.

He lured drunks, petty thieves, and other spineless knaves into his service, and when they came upon the ruins of an ancient Iobarian tower on the north edge of the Tuskwater, the man realized he had found a place to call his own. Within the ruins, he found a grim helmet made of strange bone and graced with a stag’s antlers. He took the helm as his own, and from that point on his men knew him as the Stag Lord. In the months to come, the Stag Lord gathered more of the outcast and desperate to his side. He armed them and taught them how to hone their combat skills. And as they grew in number, he ordered them north toward Rostland to take what they willed—and as long as they returned every month to pay him his dues in gold and other wealth, they would never have to fear reprisal from their lord.

Many came to the Stolen Lands to ‘solve’ the bandit problem, but they all fell to the Stag Lord’s bow, or fled back into Brevoy or the River Kingdoms. In time, he had attracted enough miscreants to his side that they began building over the ruins and created a town, which has grown steadily. He even made a tenuous alliance with Content Not Found: maegar-varn of Vanrhold until The Vanishing. Over the years, the Stag Lord has built an army, perhaps one great enough that his Dream might return to him, whereupon he shall become a king and she his queen, and they will rule as one.

The Stag Lord

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