Thieves' Guild Member


A dirty blonde Taldan woman, about 19 years old with a lithe and toned figure that moves with the elegance of a cat. Large brown eyes filled with flashes of mischief sit in a pretty face that would be hard to refuse. Her penchant for wearing tight leather clothing makes it nearly impossible. Her trademark is a long red silk scarf that she is never without.


Rommi is a fixer within the Thieves’ Guild in Gralton. Whenever there’s something that needs doing, she’s always there to make sure it gets done. She traffics in multitude of information, secrets, goods and more, most of which for Thieves’ Guild business, but some for her own profit. She is a skilled thief in her own right, and is wanted in Galt for a string of cat burglaries that temporarily satisfied her expensive tastes.


Blood in the River Zeram