Maegar Varn

Lord of Varnhold


In life Maegar had short chestnut brown hair kept in a way that appeared to be unkempt, as the ladies thought it makes him look ‘rugged’, and kept a neatly trimmed beard.

In death, most of his flesh has rotted away, leaving a cracked skull with ghastly bits of hair and beard left clinging to bone. A frightening purple glow burns from inside his eye sockets. His golden brown platemail was decorated with a two-headed firebird design painted in an orange-red hue- now the image is faded and tarnished. He carries a fine longsword with a jewel-decorated pommel and sheath.


A low-ranking but eager to impress swordlord named Maegar Varn was given a charter by the Lord Mayor of Restov to establish a town and make peace with the Nomen centaurs of the Dunsward plains in The Stolen Lands, who have always made trouble.

Always seeking an opportunity to advance his status and wealth, he joined the swordlords while pursuing an audacious career as a mercenary. He made somewhat of a name for himself in a short period of time in southern Brevoy, garnering the attention of the Lord Mayor. When presented with the chance to start a town of his own he jumped at the chance, bringing along his most trusted adventuring companions to aid him, his Varnling Host.

For a few years Varn had an impressive town, growing quickly and steadily as he colonized the area. Though he initially tried to make peace with the Nomen centaurs, he decided it would be easier to eradicate them and went to war with the tribes, going to far as to hunt and skin them, using their leather and some say even eating them.

Of course with The Vanishing, everything changed. Content Not Found: vordekai somehow caused the entire population of Varnhold, including Varn, to vanish in a single night. Some months later, he reappeared and reclaimed Varnhold, though now he had been transformed into a vile creature known as a Mohrg. He brought with him the citizens he swore to protect, also transformed into undead soldiers and garrisoned Varnhold as an undead bastion. He now serves his master’s interests, stationed in the Stolen Lands waiting for further orders. Old habits die hard though, and Varn has returned to his systematic genocide of the Nomen tribes, with renewed fervor and increased efficiency.

Maegar Varn

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