Leadra Starfallen



Stunning is a word that barely scratches the surface when describing Leadra’s beauty. Her long, flowing mauve hair reaches the back of her knees, as does the patterned silk scarf she wears. Violet eyes brighter than continual flames view the world as if it were her playground, while the gentlest touch of her satin-smooth fingertips ensures that it is. Multiple gold earrings pierce her left ear, and subtle makeup accents her cheeks and nails. She wears black silks from Tian Xia accented with crimson and sleeved fingerless gloves, and smokes from a long and slender pipe that she usually carries with her.


Gralton is a hotbed of criminal activity and has been for years, amid the chaotic political landscape , secret societies and general borderline-hysterical need for vengeance against the Galtans who drove the Graltoners from their homeland. As such, there is no shortage in supply of people who need things they cannot usually find on the conventional marketplace, and this is where Leadra steps in to take care of you. Her specialty is finding and acquiring things that people need or want, either for her clients or to sell to a prospective buyer. Her business has grown to the point where she can enjoy keeping a low profile while still doing steady business.

Leadra Starfallen

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