Citizen Koran Goss

Leader of the Revolutionary Council


A human male in his mid fifties, his wavy hair grayed but his green eyes vibrant and fierce, Citizen Goss is as spry a man as you’ll meet. He has an infectious energy about him that he quite frequently uses to his advantage when he’s spouting his rhetoric to the people.


Citizen Koran Goss is the current chairman of the Revolutionary Council in the nation of Galt. His rise to power came about when he uncovered the activities of the Cabinet of Skulls, the previous Galtan revolutionary council. A gifted demagogue, Goss has a talent for redirecting the mob’s rage away from the troubles of the nation, in particular blaming neighbouring nations for the troubles of the nation.

Citizen Goss’s fiery rhetoric is a cause for concern among Galt’s neighbors, in which he blames all of Galt’s problems on outsiders, particularly Andoran. As such, few foreigners visit Galt and those who do have to be very careful that their neck does not end up meeting one of the feared guillotines, the Final Blades.

Citizen Koran Goss

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