Imto Schoon

Gralton Council Member


This male Half-Elf strikes an imposing figure with his stare alone, piercing anyone with his icy blue stare. He wears his blonde hair back in a tight ponytail, and keeps himself well-groomed and well-dressed at all times, favoring dark colors. He seldom cracks a smile, and some say his mere presence is enough to sober the wildest drunk.


Councilor Schoon has held his seat since the city-state’s founding and is a very influential member within Gralton’s political landscape. He is the most serious member on the council, and his voice always carries a cautious and dour tone. Ever since the bandit attack, he has become more focused with the survival of Gralton as opposed to the retaking of Galt, and has long argued that before any of their lost heritage can be reclaimed, they must first stabilize things in Gralton. Many discount such talk, as nothing can be prioritized higher than returning to Galt in their eyes. Still, Councilor Schoon is someone who can get things done and does so frequently, sometimes crossing another council member to ensure the survival of Gralton is ensured. He has made a few enemies as a result.

Imto Schoon

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