Lord of Dawnshade


Tall for an elf, Ilyathilos stands over 6ft tall and sports the physique and stature of a trained warrior, which is adorned by the flowing magnificence of his long radiant hair. Donned in meticulously cleaned and ornamented armor that both matches and is crafted to be part of his attire ensemble, he looks the very part of an elven knight; except for his face. Etched upon his beautiful elven skin and high-cheek boned face, is the picture of regal splendor. His clothing is princely, cut from the most expensive of elven silks in dark grey accented with gold filigree patterns. He carries a magnificent elven longsword made of black starmetal, etched with glowing red elven runes.


A prince exiled from Kyonin, blamed for the disappearance of his family save for his half-brother, Vyrathuul, who was also exiled after a long trial with conflicting stories and no physical proof to support either. Ilyathilos claims that Vyrathuul murdered his family for power, save for their mother, who was left mentally shattered by the complete destruction of their once great house. In an act of desperation to save her from her anguish, Ilyathilos struck a deal with ancient fey to save her heart and prevent her from experiencing the crippling emotional pain of losing her children and husband. After a long ritual, her body and spirit faded from reality and became infused in Ilyathilos’ blade, giving the weapon sentience but leaving her emotions inert.

The elven prince spent 100 years in exile, returning to his family’s ancestral home of Dawnshade in the Nalmarches area of what is now referred to in the River Kingdoms as The Stolen Lands. He has brought together talented rangers and hunters from around the region to hunt for Vyrathuul, who has committed other atrocities against him over the years, such as the kidnapping and rape of his wife, who later took her own life in grief and shame. He has cornered him several times and fought fierce battles against him, but hasn’t been able to kill him yet. Rumors persist that he has been trying to contact the ancient fey known only as The Master who created his sword long ago in the hopes of finding a way to solve his problem.


Blood in the River Zeram