King of Hargul


Hargulka is a male Half-Green Dragon Troll of massive proportions.


For all his size, martial prowess and ferocity, Hargulka is a well-mannered, eloquent diplomat whose tongue is as sharp as his blade and his wit matches the level of his cruelty. He is without fear, and harbors a cold hatred for the humanoid world that shuns monsterkind. His kingdom has a strict no humanoid policy within his territory, with signs posting this warning all around the borders of his kingdom. Anyone who ignores this warning or wanders inside by mistake is put to death on the spot if caught and their bodies displayed on the border to reinforce this warning.

Hargulka is very popular among the monstrous humanoids, who flock to Hargul to seek safe haven from persecution, while others enjoy their right to do as they please as long as it doesn’t interfere with King Hargulka’s plans.


Blood in the River Zeram