Lord General Halidan Tarne

Commander of Gralton's Army


A grizzled warrior whose hair and beard has turned to white, the Lord General stands an imposing figure that commands respect and even a small modicum of fear among his men. He wields a variety of weapons but favors his hefty greataxe.


Lord General Tarne has been gathering an army to march on Galt for years, and currently fields a force of 500 soldiers, most of which are undisciplined and without formal martial training. The man inspires his troops with dreams of reclaiming old glory and happiness, if they weren’t constantly plagued by travel logistics and poor military target acquisition. The resulting delays have led to some desertions and overall frustration among the troops. Occasionally Tarne or one of his officers leads a small raid on a Galtan town, but due to his men’s lack of discipline, they return days later bloodied and with fewer men.

Lord General Tarne is cousin to Sheriff Casal Tarne. The two were the closest of friends until 2 years ago, when they had a falling out that resulted in the two nearly coming to blows.

Lord General Halidan Tarne

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