Felice Rogarvia

Queen of Brevoy


A beautiful human woman in her early thirties, with long red curls, fair skin and vibrant green eyes.


Felice’s mother had been a chamber maid in the service of House Surtova and her father a house guard. It wasn’t until her younger brother Roden was born that she realized something was different about her heritage. Her flaming red tresses matched neither her mother’s curly fair locks, nor her father’s black hair. She looked nothing like Roden, with his dark eyes and dark hair. The other children in the castle called her ‘bastard’ and teased her mercilessly. Her mother would never answer questions about her parentage, whether the innocent questions as a child or the more cunning and probing accusations as she grew older.

Life at the castle was dreary and unhappy for Felice, who spent her days cleaning and crafting in the service of the nobles. She had few friends, preferring to keep to the company of her brother or gambling with the pot boys and guards. When she first came into her magical talents, she used them to pull pranks on those who teased her so mercilessly, finally setting fire to the hair of another chamber maid’s daughter. Her mother had boxed her ear, calling her a wicked girl and saying that it was the dragon’s blood in her veins that made her so angry and vengeful. This comment caused even more questioning about her parentage, since she knew of House Rogarvia’s contact with dragons. She used her future dusting assignments to the castle library to search through the carefully collected lineage of the various houses in hopes of finding some link to her unknown father.

When she turned 15, a new group of jongleurs passed through the area, stopping at the castle to entertain and share news. In their ranks a handsome young man caught her eye with his sweet voice and skilled acrobatics. When she snuck into the barn later that night, the two had an instant connection, and Felice begged them to take her when they left the castle. They traveled for some short months before entering the south of Brevoy, having heard that several areas were now settled and eager for a new audience. They were aware that bandits still plagued the area, and foolishly thought they would be left alone, being as they were only poor jongleurs. The attack took them by surprise, with several members of their small troupe being felled in the initial assault. Felice defended the caravan with all the magic at her disposal but she was knocked unconscious.

When she awoke she lay trussed with her head throbbing in the bandit’s camp. Having decided that she could be of use to them, they spared her life she was told. The rest of the group had been killed. Felice bided her time among the bandits, acting as though she was grateful for their mercy, while she healed and searched for her precious belongings that had been scattered as loot between of thieves. Finally she located the sheaf of papers with the lineages of the House Rogarvia, many torn from books in the great library, as well as a few scraps of notes and letters she’d found in the bottom of her mother’s trunk. Still with the papers was the gold ring crafted in the shape of a dragon with tiny faceted rubies for eyes, wrapped in the original scarlet silk which it had been found with the letters. Afraid they had guessed her secret, Felice made her escape the following morning, a few hours before dawn.

Felice spent the next few years adventuring with a group of swordlords in Restov, honing her magic and gaining valuable experience in combat. One such adventure found her high in the Icerime Peaks, where she felt a strong connection in her blood that drew her away from her group. Soon she found herself at a hidden entrance to a cave in the mountains, where she wandered through a maze of tunnels and eventually found herself face to face with a great red dragon. Instead of killing her instantly, this dragon sensed a connection within her, and after a long conversation he bade her sit by him while he made sure of his hunch. Magic told the truth of the matter, that Felice’s blood indeed belonged to House Rogarvia, whose members long ago vanished all in one night without a trace. This was a matter of interest to the dragon, for the members of House Rogarvia were the descendants of the mighty Choral the Conqueror, a barbarian who had centuries ago defeated the kingdoms of Issia and Rostland with a flight of red dragons and united them under the banner of Brevoy. When Felice asked if he was one of those who helped her ancestor conquer Brevoy, he grinned and changed his shape into a powerfully built Barbarian, revealing to her a long-kept secret: he was Choral the Conqueror. With the blood of red dragons as the source of her magical power, she knew this to be the truth and together with her ancient ancestor devised a way for House Rogarvia to once again sit upon the Dragonscale Throne.

Years passed and Felice spent quite a lot of time with Choral as he taught her his magic as he once again marshaled his power and command of his draconic brethren until a great horde of red dragons once again gathered in the Icerime Peaks, while Brevoy sunk into civil war between Rostland and Issia. When she was ready, Felice rode upon Choral as her flight of red dragons descended upon the forests and plains of Brevoy once more, burning both armies to ash and any who opposed Rogarvian rule again. Why Choral decided to help his last descendant could have been on a whim or out of boredom, but it’s a reason only he knows. Once Felice’s enemies were destroyed, she claimed the Dragonscale Throne and declared Brevoy reunified. She has been a benevolent ruler to her people who love her generosity and warm heart, and none dare oppose her new rule since her display of power and ruthless streak towards her enemies. Since the dragon horde decimated her enemies, most of the dragons have returned to their homes including Choral, but a few adults have decided to remain and keep an eye on things for a while. Some do it out of amusement, some by Choral’s order, and one has developed a strong familial connection to Felice herself, viewing her as a kid sister.

Felice has become a powerful sorceress in her own right under Choral’s tutelage, and has opened new centers of learning in the capital of New Stetven to study magic and to formally investigate what happened to the other members of House Rogarvia. In the meantime she works towards rebuilding her house and making sure the other noble houses of Brevoy know who their rightful ruler is.

Felice Rogarvia

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