Ser Bransen Waike

Regent of Artume


A human male in his late thirties, standing 6’4 with clean shaven appearance and short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He carries himself with a regal presence and likes to flaunt the fact that he is an important person. You might want to punch him if it wasn’t for the fact that despite his age, he’s still built like a mountain.


An opportunity presented itself for Ser Waike and he took advantage of it. Waike was visiting Artume when its king was assassinated by the Daggermark Poisoners’ Guild. Himself a templar and veteran of the Mendevian Crusades, Queen Artume entrusted him with the role of Regent until she could give birth to Artume’s son. A week after Waike became regent, the Queen went missing and he proclaimed to the kingdom with a heavy heart that she too fell victim to Daggermark’s poisons.

Today he continues to govern Artume, using his fellow crusader brethren to retain the throne. Increasing naga attacks have put a strain on things, though, and Waike looks for adventurers to help with the problem before he loses control.

Ser Bransen Waike

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