Bartender at The Pour House


A stout Taldan man in his mid-forties, whose light brown hair is slightly receding and has begun to gray a bit. He keeps his handlebar mustache waxed and his sideburns groomed, and always makes sure to keep his appearance sharp. He wears a pressed shirt shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red bow-tie, and you’ll usually find a cigar in his mouth or in his hand.


Boone tends bar at The Pour House, always with a smile, a hearty laugh and a rag handy to clean up whatever spill may pollute his bar top. He keeps things nice and clean while on shift, and no matter what goes down, people know not to fight on his bar. He’s as friendly as friendly barkeeps can be, always willing to lend an ear or offer some well-received advice.


Blood in the River Zeram